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I am using ANFIS for my work and learned use ANFIS using MATLAB. However, I am getting my final FIS output in chart. I am not able to get output in array form.

Would you please help me on how to get the final output in array form?

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1 Answer 1 :

The command anfis takes at least two and at most six input arguments. The general format is

[fismat1,trnError,ss,fismat2,chkError] = ...

where trnOpt (training options), dispOpt (display options), chkData (checking data), and method (training method), are optional.

Then you can for example plot the output:

plotmf(fismat2, 'input', 1)
plotmf(fismat2, 'input', 2)
plotmf(fismat2, 'input', 3)
plotmf(fismat2, 'input', 4)

The following plots show an example of the result:

enter image description here

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