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I'm trying to render (on client side) some XML data retrieved from an EXE (on server side). I can't add any link to an XSLT stylesheet in the XML data, so I'm looking for a javascript function that could transform the XML through my XSLT (which can be stored on the server).

Currently, my webpage opens the XML using :


I have no problem in creating an XSLT but I don't know how to call that file using javascript ! Can't find anything relevant googling :( Many thanks !

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The Sarissa API is often used as a portable cross-browser API for invoking XSLT 1.0 transformations from Javascript.

These days you can also use XSLT 2.0 in the browser using Saxon-CE, whose Javascript API is described here:


In many cases, Saxon-CE does the whole job for you, so you don't need to write any Javascript at all.

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Thank you for your answer. So far, looks like it matches my need ! But as I'm not a developer, I'm trying to figure out how to implement this code in my project. I think this function Sarissa.updateContentFromURI(sFromUrl, oTargetElement, xsltproc, callback, skipCache) could be the one, but I don't get how to insert the xslt code... Any help would be appreciated :) –  citronized Jul 3 '12 at 8:30
One of our motivations in the design of Saxon-CE was to enable people who aren't programmers to create interactive web content. Of course, only time will tell whether we achieve that aim. Meanwhile, I find it very hard to help someone who is trying to write Javascript and tells me that they are not a developer; it's like helping someone to land an aircraft when they tell you they have no pilot's training. –  Michael Kay Jul 6 '12 at 8:43

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