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A naked layout resource directory Android OS interprets as layout, normal, mdpi, according to the docs. If I create a new project and make layout structure like this:




I get no error. Why?

If there is no error, then I can conclude that naked layout directory is not normal, mdpi, but it's for all those layout which were not explicitly set, right?! So its purpose is always variable?!

In example no.2., if I load the content on normal, mdpi mobile screen, will it load from the naked or explicit directory?

Thanks in advance anyone taking time to clarify this for me.

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The app may be running on a device that disqualifies the /layout-normal-mdpi resources from consideration. It will then fall back on the resources in /layout. In other words, the resources in /layout will be used as the default for any configuration that has no more specific resource available.

It makes a bit more sense to talk about drawables. The system will scale drawables from /drawable from the default mdpi to the density of the actual configuration. The /drawable-mdpi resources, on the other hand, will be used specifically for mdpi configurations.

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That what I was afraid of. So bare layout is not layout-normal-mdpi. It's just default. Am I right? – sandalone Jul 2 '12 at 15:40
@sandalone - It's just default for all configurations. (Just as /layout-large-mdpi is the default for large, mdpi screens in all languages, etc.) Some resources are scaled or otherwise adjusted to the actual configuration by assuming they were specified for large, mdpi screens. – Ted Hopp Jul 2 '12 at 15:43

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