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I'm trying to compile a large project with GNU-Win make under Windows 7.

CCFLAGS = -D__forceinline -D__GCC__ -D__PC -Wno-multichar -DCOMPILE_CODEBLOCKS -Wattributes -Winvalid-offsetof
SOURCES = $(wildcard c4d/*.cpp)
OBJECTS = $(subst .cpp,.o,$(subst c4d/,c4d/obj/,$(SOURCES)))

all: $(OBJECTS)

    python pr.py $< $@

The python pr.py program just prints all passed commands to the command-line. (@echo and echo don't work?!)

But what I see in the console is this:

python pr.py c4d/c4d_basebitmap.cpp c4d/obj/c4d_basebitmap.o


python pr.py c4d/c4d_basebitmap.cpp c4d/obj/c4d_basechannel.o


python pr.py c4d/c4d_basebitmap.cpp c4d/obj/c4d_basecontainer.o


python pr.py c4d/c4d_basebitmap.cpp c4d/obj/c4d_basedocument.o


python pr.py c4d/c4d_basebitmap.cpp c4d/obj/c4d_basedraw.o


python pr.py c4d/c4d_basebitmap.cpp c4d/obj/c4d_baseeffectorplugin.o


python pr.py c4d/c4d_basebitmap.cpp c4d/obj/c4d_baselist.o


python pr.py c4d/c4d_basebitmap.cpp c4d/obj/c4d_basematerial.o


You can see, that the input file is always c4d/c4d_basebitmap.cpp while the output file always differs (as desired).

Why is the input file always the same?

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Sounds like you don't have the dependencies between sources and objects set up as $< always evaluates to the first dependency. gnu.org/software/make/manual/make.html#Automatic-Variables –  lynxlynxlynx Jul 2 '12 at 16:17
AFAICR (I'm rusty on this level of detail), the $< really only works reliably in a suffix rule such as .cpp.o: or in the wild-card equivalent (%.o : %.cpp). In other places where it is used, you get some not-necessarily-useful value, such as (in this case), the first source file. Note that your rule says "recompile every object file when any one of the source files changes"; this is probably not what you wanted. –  Jonathan Leffler Jul 2 '12 at 16:28
@lynxlynxlynx Thanks for this resource! –  Niklas R Jul 2 '12 at 16:32
@JonathanLeffler Thank you! Does it? But what would say something like "recompile the ones that changed"? PS: I don't get the latter form. When I replace the second target with %.o : %.cpp it tells me that there is not rule to build target "c4d/obj/c4d_basebitmap.o". Same with .cpp.o: –  Niklas R Jul 2 '12 at 16:33
Probably a simple %.o : %.cpp rule (with the action being your current command line). Since all depends on $(OBJECTS), you don't need anything else, I think. OTOH, since you say that doesn't work, it is probably something to do with the pathname components. I take the simple-minded approach: when all else fails, write it out long-hand. I'm not allowed to use GNU Make on all platforms, so I don't know all the ins and outs of it; I have to work with the lowest common denominator, which is painful on occasion. I'd have to experiment to give advice, and I'm chronically out of round tuits. –  Jonathan Leffler Jul 2 '12 at 16:35

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