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I have an an object (BlogPost) that contains an M:N collection of elements (Tags).

How to query for an object (BlogPost) where at least one it its Tags matches an element in a set of Tags (defined by the user) with JPA2 (Hibernate).

findBlogPostWithAtLeastOneMatchingTag(Collection<Tag> tags){ ???? }

My main problem is, that I actually need to compare two collections of tags: - the collection of tags of the BlogPost. - the collection I search for

I tried Select p from Post p where p.tags in(:tags) but it does not work, as my post entities have more than just one tag.

So what could I do instead?

My BlogPost entity looks like this. It has several Tags.

public class BlogPost{

    /** The tags. */
    private Set<Tag> tags;

    private String content;


The solution must not be JPQL, JPA-Criteria (not Hibernate-Criteria) would be fine too.

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Are you familiar with Criteria API? You can check it out and see if it suits you. –  Gamb Jul 2 '12 at 16:17
Familiar... well I "tried" to use it, but didn't find a way to make it work, neither. –  Pumuckline Jul 2 '12 at 16:24

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If you like JPA Criteria, this is the solution for you:

List<Integer> myTagsIds = new ArrayList<Integer> ();

CriteriaBuilder cb = em.getCriteriaBuilder();
CriteriaQuery<BlogPost> cq = cb.createQuery(BlogPost.class);
Root<BlogPost> blogPost = cq.from(BlogPost.class);
SetJoin<BlogPost, Tag> tags = blogPost.join(BlogPost_.tags);
Predicate predicate = tags.get(Tag_.id).in(myTagsIds);
TypedQuery<BlogPost> tq = em.createQuery(cq);
return tq.getResultList();

This solution makes use of the canonical MetaModel classes BlogPost_ and Tag_ that should be generated by your JPA implementation.

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I think person.join should be blog.join? –  Ralph Jul 6 '12 at 8:13
It was blogPost.join indeed. Thanks for pointing it out. I had tested the query on classes with different names (but same relationship however)... –  perissf Jul 6 '12 at 8:18

You could do something like

Select t from Post t where t.tag in (select p.tag from Post p where p.id=:id)

id is the id of the current post. Basically you are selecting post with tags that are in the tags of current post.

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This would actually work, if my post only had one tag (In fact it's the same idea I already had myself). I'm looking for a solution for al list of tags in Post t. I updated my question to make it clearer. –  Pumuckline Jul 3 '12 at 11:24

Approach 1:

In SQL it could be something like:


Then apply the @SqlResultSetMapping.

Approach 2:

You can use Criteria API and start as you did but make a loop over Collection<Tag> tags as:

* make a union of single query results from `Select p from Post p where p.tags in(:tags)`;
* take distinct over result of union.

Query will be server-side and you wouldn't have to do dirty work in Java.

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