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I am new at cron jobs and am not sure whether this would would work.

For security purposes I thought about making a one page script that looks for certain GET values (a username, a password, and a security code) to make sure that only the computer and someone that knows all 3 can run the command.

I made the script and it works running it in a browser but is it possible to run the cron job with GET values?

a example would be me running

* 3 * * * /path_to_script/cronjob.php?username=test&password=test&code=1234

Is this possible?

Any help will be great!


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The $_GET[] & $_POST[] associative arrays are only initialized when your script is invoked via a web server. When invoked via the command line, parameters are passed in the $argv array, just like C.

Contains an array of all the arguments passed to the script when running from the command line.

Your command would be:

* 3 * * * /path_to_script/cronjob.php username=test password=test code=1234 

You would then use parse_str() to set and access the paramaters:

<?php parse_str($argv[n]); ?>
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perfect exactly what I needed to know thank you! –  Dfranc3373 Jul 5 '12 at 4:45

Not a direct answer to your question but a better solution I think:

If you want nobody except cron to run the script, just place it outside the web-root. That way there is no access via the web-server at all.

If you do need to run the command as a special user as well, don't use GET but have a user login and check for a logged-in session (a certain set session variable...) and include the script in that page only.

Your publicly accessible script would look something like:


if (isset($_SESSION['user']))
  include '/path/to/script/outside/of/web-root';
  die('No access.');
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You should look into the get_opt() or $argv function.

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This will work:

* 3 * * * /path_to_script/cronjob.php username=test password=test code=1234
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