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I recently upgraded to R 2.15.1 and am having trouble installing packages from the command line.

I tried using:

R --arch x86_64 CMD INSTALL package_1.0.tar.gz

But R tries to install the i386 version - and then that requires a 32 bit version of a dependent package that I do not have installed. However the 64 bit version of the package is available - yet, the entire install process fails.

I would've thought that specifying the architecture would prevent R from trying to install a 32 bit version. Am I missing something obvious? (This was not an issue on 2.14)

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What OS?

On my computer, R CMD INSTALL --help suggests the --no-multiarch flag.

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Yes, just read the release notes and found this –  rguha Jul 2 '12 at 17:22

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