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I have a JSF 1.2 custom component working fine. The files are: Cabecalho.java and CabecalhoComponente.java, the tag and the component.

I want to use rerender to it (edited: using an richfaces a4j:commandButton) but not working. It have an attribute with EL getting the current time in millis, the value doesn't update in output, but when i debug application, I can see new value setting to property on restoreState method.

Why the output is not updated?


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I encounter similar problem with my custom compoment for phone numbers. I had page with rich:dataTable with users and each record had edit a4j:commandButton which opened rich:modalPanel for editing given user. Every fields were rendered properly except my custom phone component which was null. It turns out that i had design flaw in my component (related to saving and restoring state). Attach your component source code, maybe I will help. –  bary Aug 7 '12 at 9:43

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