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I am a beginner with Ruby on Rails. I have been able to build a small application with the help of ROR.

I want to fetch and load some of my data without loading the whole page. On click of different links, data should be uploaded in the respective div. I am trying to provide :remote=>true property on the link. But this property is not rendering an attribute properly.

After following multiple links on Rails with Ajax, I found that in view links should be given as:

<%= link_to cateogary.cateogary_name, :controller => "cateogaries", :action => "show_async", :id => cateogary_id, :remote => true %>

This should be converted to:

<a href="/cateogaries/12/show_async data-remote=true">

While, this is converted to:

<a href="/cateogaries/12/show_async?remote=true">

What could be its probable reason? Please forward some good link which provides complete Ajax implementation in ROR.

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Rails is recognizing :remote => true as a parameter for the URL. Try this:

<%= link_to cateogary.cateogary_name, { :controller => "cateogaries", :action => "show_async", :id => cateogary_id }, :remote => true %>

Or maybe this:

<%= link_to cateogary.cateogary_name, "/cateogaries/#{cateogary_id}/show_async", :remote => true %>

Additionally, I'd recommend you to read this (and also check the links).

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Thanks. It worked :) – Gun Jul 3 '12 at 2:29

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