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My application knows the IP address of the user. We need to identify the city, state, country of the user and latitude & longitude of the user.

Is there a java library that can do this?

If there is none, what is algorithm or data-source used to convert IP address to geo-graphic location?

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up vote 4 down vote accepted provides a local database and java classes to calculate the location information from IP address. I did some testing. The results seem to be good. : 51.283295,-0.23330688;Tadworth,N7,United Kingdom,null
home: : 37.369705,-122.0214;Sunnyvale,CA,United States,94086 : 37.419205,-122.0574;Mountain View,CA,United States,94043 : 28.666702,77.216705;Delhi,07,India,null : 37.280304,-121.956696;Campbell,CA,United States,95008 : 34.091797,-84.2209;Alpharetta,GA,United States,30005 : 42.362595,-71.0843;Cambridge,MA,United States,02142

Here is the link to the junit testcase I used,

MaxMind provides java classes, but not jars. So, I have created a maven project that can build the code and generate jars. Here is the GitHub Project

If you need to use this library in your maven project, add the following dependency


Add the following repository configuration, under "repositories" in the pom.xml

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They provide a Java API (among others).

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(This will only get you lat/long to the city level, though.) – mnuss Jul 2 '12 at 17:40
WOW, upvote for this and how do i bookmark this so i can look at it when I get home? I've been working on a network security package that this would be awesome to go with – Matt Westlake Jul 2 '12 at 17:40
@mnuss thanks for the link. any idea how they decode the ip address to location? – Nambi Jul 2 '12 at 17:50
I did some tests, it is a good library. I'll post the findings as answer. – Nambi Jul 5 '12 at 6:47

I wrote a simple library in Scala that uses IPInfoDB to get a geo-location. This can also be used from Java as long as you include scala-library.jar on the classpath. You'll need an API key from IPInfoDB. You can get output in JSON, raw, or XML format.

The code and some more documentation are on my Github and there is also a jar for download.

Here's a Java snippet that will get the geo information with "city" resolution:

GeoIP geoip = new GeoIP("<API Key>");
//Note the $.MODULE$ syntax to refer to the case class in Scala.
System.out.println(geoip.getGeoRaw("<IP Address>", City$.MODULE$));

This example outputs OK;;;US;UNITED STATES;DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA;WASHINGTON;20001;38.9048;-77.0354;-05:00 which is the raw output which can then be parsed.

Also see this question Best way to get geo-location in Java

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IPInfoDB is purely a web API. It would be nice if can be done within the application. The previous answer provided a good database. I'll post the details as a separate answer. Thanks for providing another stackoverflow thread. It has good information. It would be good to consolidate everything into one place. – Nambi Jul 5 '12 at 6:54

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