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In the SQL Server, I can define local variables like this. It is very convenient.

declare @id number := 1000

select * from tbl_A where id = @id;
select * from tbl_B where id = @id;

I tried to do same thing in PL/SQL; but, it doesn't work.

DECLARE id number;
select 1000 into id from dual;

Do you know how to do something similar? The simplest method is my objective.

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If you want to define a local variable in PL/SQL, you need a complete PL/SQL block

  id NUMBER;
  SELECT 1000
    INTO id
    FROM dual;

or just

  id NUMBER := 1000;
  <<do something that uses the local variable>>

If you want to declare a variable in SQL*Plus

SQL> variable id number
SQL> begin
       select 1000 into :id from dual;

SQL> print id


SQL> SELECT * FROM tbl_a WHERE id = :id
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I tried this on Oracle and it worked :

> DEF x = TOTO
> SELECT '&x' FROM dual;

The result will be : TOTO

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