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I've been reading through questions and tutorials on this all day, but each of them seems much more complicated than is necessary for my implementation.

Goal: I want to take some system information from my app and package it into a simple report (like a .txt document). The user just clicks a button to send the timestamped document to their iCloud where they can view the file on their computer later. Each press of the button creates a new document for statistics at that moment in time. No downloading from the iCloud (on the phone) and No saving changes to/updating a single file.

From what I understand, UIDocument is the "middle-man" between the file and the cloud. However I have not been able to find something that could teach someone new to iOS/objective-c, like me, how to (1) Create a file from a string/NSString, and (2) Upload it to the iCloud from the phone.

I'm just trying to grasp the basics here and get a simple prototype working. Thank you.

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Maybe you can make a start with these links:

Saving a .txt file


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