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I'm finding that the type_codes returned by cursor.description from DB-API are different for Google Cloud SQL than a standard MySQLdb implementation. For example: in MySQLdb (mysqldb-python), VAR_STRING is 253, and NEWDECIMAL is 246. However, when I try to get these values from Google Cloud SQL (from Google App Engine, using the Python "rdbms" package), I get different values: VAR_STRING = 12 and NEWDECIMAL is 3.

1) Does anyone know where I can find the proper type_code mappings for Google Cloud SQL?

2) Even better, standard MySQLdb (mysqldb-python) implementations have constants that I can use directly in my python code. Are these available anywhere for the python libraries for Google Cloud SQL (i.e. "rdbms")?

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You can now use MySQLdb with Google Cloud SQL, so there's no need to use the rdbms API anymore.

See https://developers.google.com/appengine/docs/python/cloud-sql/#Python_complete_python_example

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