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Python beginner here. I've embarassingly spent the past two hours trying to figure this out.

I've got a CSV file containing data from rows 14 to 86 and columns A to X. I bring this into a numpy recarray using csv2rec. The data imports fine, but can't figure for the life of me figure out how to create separate arrays from different rows of columns. For that matter I can't figure out how to reference a column of the recarray.

To reference the row, I can just call array_name[0] for the first row or array_name[1] for the second row (array_name being the name of the array).

I've tried my interpretation of what I see on the tentative numpy tutorial(

array_name[0:5, 1]

to grab the second column at rows 1-4 (even though what I really want is the whole column), but even that doesn't work.

Ultimately I'm trying to plot 3d lines from CSV data in matplotlib, but I need to get past this first step.

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turns out the header of the column of my csv is all I need.

For example, if the header row of my column was "data1" The code would be array_name['data1'] to pull the whole column

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