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I have 2 columns that will either be blank, or display which database a user has access to. The columns are not identical, so there needs to be OR logic in the macro, but I can't get the syntax right. Here's what I have- the toggling works great, just can't get the OR. I would really prefer to get this method working, and not the "Advanced Filter" method.

With ActiveSheet
    If .AutoFilterMode = True And .FilterMode = True Then
        .AutoFilterMode = False And .FilterMode = False
        .AutoFilterMode = True And .FilterMode = True
        ActiveSheet.Range("$E$7:$P$1765").AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="=DatabaseA", _
        Operator:=xlOr, Field:=7, Criteria2:="=DatabaseA"
    End If
End With
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Running your code I get this

enter image description here

So it appears to do as expected creating an OR. I would check that your definition of DatabaseA is being set as expected. If you intended the string "DatabaseA" as a filter criteria you might drop the preceding equal sign, or is DatabaseA a variable? It isn't clear from your example which is the case

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Decided the best solution is to just make the 2 columns output to a 3rd column:


and the new columns inputs into the macro. Works great.

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