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I'am loading some html with a request and use it as a template for all other items.

My code is:


this.content.each(function(task) {
    //more code
    item = itemDummy.clone();

    detailBox = item.getElement('.descriptionBox');

    detailBox.id = "description" + task.id;
    //detailBox.toggle ()
    //open it on click
    item.addEvent("click", function() {
        new Fx.Slide("description" + task.id).toggle();

    //more code

If the line detailBox.toggle () is activated, my box doesn't show, but the Fx animation dont' work (the box never appears visible). But when I set s this line commented the detailBox is shown and the toggle animation is working, but I want a hidden box at the beginning.

But when I set this line as a comment, the detailBox is displayed and the toggle animation is working, but I want the Box invisible to start with

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What happens if you use mootools.net/docs/more/Fx/Fx.Slide#Fx-Slide:hide instead of toggle. If it does not work, try to call it after the inject. –  Johan Jul 2 '12 at 19:58
please don't use spaces before () upon function invocation and add your ; but certainly not both, reading your 'style' requires a fair amount of effort and thinking just to follow it. consider github.com/mootools/mootools-core/wiki/…. - as for your issue, can you just make a jsfiddle.net example with it. –  Dimitar Christoff Jul 2 '12 at 20:26

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Following Johan comment it works after the inject:

detailBoxIds.each(function (id) {
    new Fx.Slide(id).hide();

    //instead of $$(id).hide () or $$(id).toggle () 
    //a direct toogle/hide hides the element, but the Fx.Slide can't open it again

$$('.taksItemWraper').addEvent ("click", function () {
    var id = this.getElement('.descriptionBox').id;

    new Fx.Slide(id, { 
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Good to hear! :) –  Johan Jul 2 '12 at 20:55

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