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I've got this query, from what I've found of examples here and in the docs this should work, but the script is saying no.. needs array not string. Do I have to do something like

$db = $this->db = Zend_Registry::getinstance()->dbAdapter;
$db->select()->from('offer_term')->where('term_id = '.$entry[$i]);
$db->update('status = 0');

with the above I get an error about it not taking a string it needs to be an array.

with the below my whole script breaks. So, I'm kinda new to Zend, anyone care to elaborate as to what I am doing wrong?

$db = $this->db = Zend_Registry::getinstance()->dbAdapter;
$db->select()->from('offer_term')->where('term_id = ?',array($entry[$i]));
$db->update('status = ?', array('0'));
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What is the full error? –  Tim Fountain Jul 2 '12 at 20:45

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Please have a look at the Zend Framework documentation of update() here.

The method's signature is:

$db->update($table, $data, $where);

This means that you'll have to let the adapter know which table you are updating, as well as which row(s) from that table.

You should probably rewrite your code to:

    array('status' => 0), 
    array('term_id = ?' => $entry[$i])

This will translate into:

UPDATE offer_term
SET status = 0
WHERE term_id = <myEntry>
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