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If I try to look at the variable directly, I see a ? sign. If I create a watch calling the is_initialized function, I get the following error:

CXX0033: Error: error in OMF type information

I didn't find much info about this error related to Boost using Google.

Anybody else experienced this? It's a hassle using OutputDebugString everywhere and rebuilding...

EDIT: Using Visual Studio 2010 SP1 with all hotfixes in Windows XP SP3 idem, and Boost 1.49.0

UPDATE: This issue comes and goes, it doesn't happen consistently; Debugger Visualizers are a great solution, I've adopted them as my brand new tool

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You can use DebuggerVisualizers.

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Try this: for a variable boost::optional<Category> category, create a watch on: category.get()

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In VS 2005 I get CXX0039: Error: symbol is ambiguous –  BlueTrin Nov 2 '12 at 11:33

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