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I have a simple form for generating reports that I am adding a jqueryUI datepicker to. The problem I am having is when I try to repopulate the fields with the info from the user.

Jquery seems to be resetting the default value on my date fields (currently, it picks 2 different dates in July). How can I set it back to the user submitted value?

My current code:

<form method="post" action="">
        Username: <input type="text" size="12" name="username" required  value="foo" />
        Password: <input type="password" size="12" name="password" required value="bar" />
        Start Date: <input id="startdate" type="text" size="12" name="startday" required  value="06/28/2012" />
        End Date: <input id="enddate" type="text" size="12" name="endday" required  value="06/30/2012" />

        <script type="text/javascript">
        <input type="submit">
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@anonymousdownvotingislame I did. when that didn't work, I posted here. –  MrGlass Jul 2 '12 at 20:34
Second sentence in my answer. –  iambriansreed Jul 2 '12 at 20:54
I don't get it. What exactly is the problem? The code works OK, the date picker is initialized according to the value attribute and the "picked" date overwrites the pre-populated date. So what is the problem? –  Salman A Jul 3 '12 at 9:31
@SalmanA for some reason the datepicker is not initialized with the value attribute, but instead is overriding it with random dates in July –  MrGlass Jul 3 '12 at 11:42

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Set the date to highlight on first opening if the field is blank. Specify either an actual date via a Date object or as a string in the current dateFormat, or a number of days from today (e.g. +7) or a string of values and periods ('y' for years, 'm' for months, 'w' for weeks, 'd' for days, e.g. '+1m +7d'), or null for today.

Initialize a datepicker with the defaultDate option specified.

$( ".selector" ).datepicker({ defaultDate: +7 });

Get or set the defaultDate option, after init.

var defaultDate = $( ".selector" ).datepicker( "option", "defaultDate" );

$( ".selector" ).datepicker( "option", "defaultDate", +7 );


Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/iambriansreed/gMNrZ/

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I tried this but it is not working: $("#startdate").datepicker({ defaultDate: 06/26/2012 }); –  MrGlass Jul 2 '12 at 20:40
@MrGlass Second sentence in my answer. –  iambriansreed Jul 2 '12 at 20:53
Did you, perhaps, want me to try this? var d = new Date(06/26/12); $("#enddate").datepicker({ defaultDate: d }); still won't work. –  MrGlass Jul 2 '12 at 21:04
@MrGlass w3schools.com/js/js_obj_date.asp –  iambriansreed Jul 2 '12 at 21:48
sorry, var d = new Date('06/26/12'); $("#enddate").datepicker({ defaultDate: d }); Valid date object, still doesn't work. –  MrGlass Jul 2 '12 at 21:52

You can do this while populating your date:

$( "#startdate" ).datepicker( "setDate" , date );

see this

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tried this, did not work: $("#startdate").datepicker( "setDate" , 06/16/2012 ); –  MrGlass Jul 2 '12 at 20:43
try this before setting date..... $( "#startdate" ).datepicker( "option", "dateFormat", "dd-mm-yyyy" ); –  Mohammad Adil Jul 2 '12 at 20:49
anytime I use "setDate", date picker doesn't work at all. Also, your link is broken. –  MrGlass Jul 2 '12 at 21:07
that link is not broken,,,,,you've to go down under that page to see methods tab. –  Mohammad Adil Jul 2 '12 at 21:09


  var dateOptions = { 
  dateFormat: "mm/dd/yy", 
  constrainInput: true, 
  gotoCurrent: true, 
  minDate: new Date()

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