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How exactly does $this->db->trans_status() in CodeIgniter understand that whether the queries in the transaction were successful or not?

Source: http://codeigniter.com/user_guide/database/transactions.html


$this->db->query('AN SQL QUERY...');
$this->db->query('ANOTHER QUERY...');
$this->db->query('AND YET ANOTHER QUERY...');

if ($this->db->trans_status() === FALSE){

Am using MySQL as the underlying database

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Why not take a look through CI's source code and see for yourself? –  Colin Jul 2 '12 at 20:37

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SQL has a statement for START TRANSACTION one COMMIT and one for ROLLBACK.

Your database driver and/or abstraction layer doesn't have to send the entire list at once:

$query_string = '
        SELECT something FROM somewhere;
        UPDATE something SET something.we_have = something.else;

They can be sent individually and the driver and/or abstraction layer can wait for the query to execute and return an SQL STATUS.

$query_string = 'START TRANSACTION;';

$query_string = 'SELECT something FROM somewhere;';

$query_string = 'UPDATE something SET something.we_have = something.else;';
$status = $dba->get_status();

    $query_string = 'COMMIT;';
else // darn our update must have failed

And based on that status you can decide weather to COMMIT or ROLLBACK.

Of course this implies that the overall time spent by your script in connecting to the DB is bigger than if it would've just shoved the entire string down the pipe in one connection.

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thanks @Mihai. I am interested to know how does dba->get_status() understand that it, in fact, is returning the correct status of the SQL? Is it based on SQL deadlock issues? Is it based on malformed SQL strings? Is it based on timeout issues? I actually have about 10 to 15 SQLs between a trans_start and trans_complete. –  syedrakib Jul 2 '12 at 20:55
Either you've only encountered SQL STATEs that had clear messages attached by the DB engine or the DBA inspects stiff like SHOW INNODB STATUS to look for state info. –  Mihai Stancu Jul 2 '12 at 21:29
I've checked the code of CI_DB_Driver it just checks if there are any errors in the previous query. It doesn't seam to be implemented lower down in MySQL's concrete driver class. –  Mihai Stancu Jul 2 '12 at 21:35

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