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I've just had Submitting multiple forms in Rails answered which led to another problem. In my form I have the following (there's quite a bit more):

= hidden_field_tag :event_id, :value => @event.id

  = label_tag :title
    = select(:registration, "registrations[][title]", Registration::TITLE)

and the last line returns:


as opposed to the expected:


I've tried:

= select(:registration, "registrations[][title]", Registration::TITLE)

which returns:

undefined method `registrations[][title]' for #

and also tried:

= select("registrations[][title]", Registration::TITLE)

which returns:

wrong number of arguments (2 for 3)

Look at the parameters below, event(_id) is only there once then the :title oddness starts, any idea what the problem may be?

 "commit"=>"Submit registrations"}

Please not that :dietary and :member are formated in the same way as :title. Thanks in advance for your assistance!


So submitting to the hash via a text_field_tag is a simple is:

= text_field_tag "registrations[][first_name]"

But the problem comes in with my hidden_field_tag and select_tag.

It's adding bad values, for example:


and basically it seems I need to find a better way to add those values into the hash. I'll continue trying to find a solution and will post it here unless someone beats me to it.

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Unless i'm reading it wrong, your first two select calls are the same. Have you tried = select(:registrations, "title", Registration::TITLE)? If you look at the documentation of the method in api.rubyonrails.org, it will state that the first value is the object, second is the property. That would be registrations => { :title => "Value" }, in the parameters. If you just want :title => "Value", then you need the select_tag method.

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Thanks for getting back to me, I've tried what you suggested, but still no luck. The problem seems to be the fact that I'm passing my values into a hash. See edit to main post. –  user1224344 Jul 3 '12 at 6:04

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