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I have the following code in my view:

<%= form_for :command_selected, :method => "get", :url => {:action => "command_domain_selected"} do |f| %>

<a> <%= link_to "Make Deployment",  {:controller=>"authorization",  :action => 'command_domain_selected',:id=>'make_deployment'}, :remote=> true %><br /></a>

 <%= f.radio_button :domain, '1dev' %> <%= label :domain, '1dev'%><br />
 <%= f.radio_button :domain, '2dev' %> <%= label :domain, '2dev'%><br />

<script type=text/javascript>
$('a').click(function(){     $('form').submit();     return false; }); 


When i click on the "Make Deployment" link in the above code, only the selected radio button is passed as the parameter to the command_domain_selected action in the controller. Please let me know how to pass the value of the hyperlink too. Thank you

I added the following code too:

<%= link_to 'Make Deployment', "#", :onclick=>"$('.search_form').submit()" , :id => 'make_deployment'%> 

But the parameters that are being passed are just the radio button values and not the hyperlink value

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You have some horrible code there, don't you? Why haven't you done <%= form_for :command_selected, :method => "get", :url => {:action => "command_domain_selected"}, :remote => true do |f| %> and only created a <%= f.submit %>? This script is absolutely useless. – YuriAlbuquerque Jul 2 '12 at 21:34
@YuriAlbuquerque I could have used f.submit but i do not want to have a submit button. I would like to have just a hypelink that says "make deployment" and when we select a radio button and click on the link, i want it to pass the hyperlink value and radio button to the controller. I think this is possible seeing some posts like this but iam not able to pass the value of hyperlink in the params – user1455116 Jul 2 '12 at 21:43
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I'm with Yuri. Use a form (method get and it will all go in the URL). Then just style the button to look like a link if you're that fussed!

Otherwise if you must continue with the hideousness add a hidden_field with the extra param you want to submit. Its not passing the hyperlink params because that has nothing to do with a form (unlike a submit button which does)

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ok, i made my button look like a link. Thanks – user1455116 Jul 3 '12 at 13:29

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