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We have analytics coming from several different services and need a place to combine all the data in a single display. Does anyone have experience with other services besides

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We've used Leftronic and were quite satisfied with the product, but have since moved onto Geckoboard because the UI is much more elegant. You might also want to checkout Boarrd.

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This was just a BS question to get some stackoverflow points so that I could answer and vote. Within an hour, one of Leftronic's co-founders found me on linkedin and sent me a personal message. For anyone who may actually come across this thread, leftronic has a solid product. Their API for posting streams is really simple and their servers are quick. – andyzinsser Jul 2 '12 at 22:52

There are tons of options. Try InfoCaptor, it is free

huge visualization library and connects to social analytics as well as databases

PS: I am the developer

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