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My eventual aim is to have the user select a trending topic or enter their own, and the most recent images for that trend to appear looking all lovely like this.

My first obstacle is selecting the images. Using this API, I've managed to whittle it down to tweets of a given hashtag with images in them, like so:

twitter.text CONTAINS "sammich" AND
links.domain IN ",,"

The problem is being able to select and print the images themselves.

Any thoughts?

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So you'd be compiling that filter you've built and running it through their REST stream endpoint, which provides a stream of tweets that match that filter?

It doesn't look like their stream API provides URLs of the media entities themselves, which is strange because twitter's own API does: - I'd reach out to Datasift and see if there's an undocumented resource that provides this, or if they plan to add it.

Without that, I'd run a regex on each tweet's returned "text", and extract urls from any of the domains you mentioned. At the point, so long as there's a known pattern between the link URL and the image source URL (e.g. a twitpic link is, the image source is you should be able to transform one to the other.

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