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When I upload a photo an album is automatically created. There's a way in which I could get the album ID from having the photo ID. Because I have this code:

    try {
            $response = $facebook->api(
                            'message' => 'This is my image caption',
                            'source' => $source

            $id = $response['id'];
            if ($id) {
                    //obtenemos la url del album                                                                                                                                
                    $response = $facebook->api('/'.$id);

    } catch ...

And I want to redirect the user to the albums (because I need the user to aprove the photos) instead of the photo. There's a way of doing this without actually asking for all user albums and checking where was the photo uploaded?

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If I didn't oversee anything, there is no way to get the album id of the automatically created album.

As a workaround you can upfront create a new album for your application by using the albums connection of the User object. In the response you get the album id which you can use to upload photos specifically to this album and later redirect to it using the link attribute in the Album object.

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You can get that info using FQL – first query the photos table for the aid of the album, and then query them album table with that:

SELECT object_id FROM album WHERE aid IN
  (SELECT aid FROM photo WHERE object_id = "{your photo’s Graph API id}")

– the object_id will be the Graph API id of the album.

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