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I'm trying to implement a windows 8 app using HTML/CSS with two flexbox layouts of articles (one on top of the other on the y-axis), that are set to overflow-x: scroll. However, I want an expanded view of an article to encompass the whole screen, overlaying the other flexbox container, by using the z-index property of the article. However, it's not working. I don't think that this is IE10/Win 8 exclusive, I think its a problem with my CSS somewhere as its not working in the jsFiddle with webkit flexbox properties.

See this jsFiddle for an example. As you can see, the expanded article still lies under the other flexbox container.

Any help please? I have been looking for this for some time now and cannot find the root of the problem.

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I Think this current approach is a dead end. As I understand, a flex box item expands (or shrinks) given the container's size, thus, a full screen should be impossible if the container is smaller.

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p.s. If I didn't understand the question, can you add images of the expected result. –  shex Jul 24 '12 at 11:29

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