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I found ArgoUML (i'm open to other OOP UML tools if you have any suggestions - before I get too deep into my project).

Is there a way to automatically generate getters and setters for all attributes/fields?

If not, can you suggest a UML tool that can.


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There are bunch of different free tools available for UML modeling and forward engineering your code through it.

We have used Eclipse Plugin to create UML diagrams that generates boilerplate code.

In case you are using java - You can also try AndroMDA which accepts UML files as input to generate a CRUD Java application.

I am sure there must be similar tools available for other languages too.

Check this SO thread - Recommended Eclipse plugins to generate UML from Java code

Before really getting deep into using UML you may also want to read this thread - Do you still use UML? How? What for? and Is UML practical?

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