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I want a structure such as where course and location change to a course name and a geographical location to dynamically translate to

The reason is I have a plugin to display course information based on course name and location that takes get parameters.

P.s. I don't want to manually add links into a .htaccess file to achieve this.

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Are the courses and locations associated with each other? If so...

I'd recommend a custom post type for "courses," with a custom, non-hierarchical taxonomy attached, and then use a custom field in that post type to attach the location information to each course.

The Types plugin would handle all of these things relatively easily (but you'd need to create a template to display that information, of course).

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If the URL structure is going to be predictable, you could try:


$url = ""; 
$array = explode('/',$url);
$rev_array = array_reverse($array);
$location = $rev_array[0];
$course = $rev_array[1];

Then edit the plugin code slightly to read these variables rather than get variables.

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