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which environmental variable indicates the list of all the directories which are searched in order to find out the header file included in a C file in the Linux kernel? I have some header files in a directory, and would like to include the path to that directory in the list of all directories searched. How may I do that? I tried exporting C_INCLUDE_PATH, but that doesn't remove the error, which says that it still can't find the header file.

Thanks, D.

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There is generally no environment variable that lists all of the directories searched for header files. The directories searched are a function of the compiler used. Your compiler almost certainly has a command-line switch to add a directory to the search list. E.g., for GCC and clang, consider the “-I” switch and related switches. Your compiler may also have environment variables where you can list directories to be added to the search list, such as C_INCLUDE_PATH. Keep in mind these likely list additional directories to search; they do not list all the directories searched.

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Add -I/where/ever arguments to EXTRA_CFLAGS in your Makefile. Though generally this kind of thing is bad form. The kernel build includes its own include tree (and the local directory, of course). Is there a reason your code can't conform to the existing framework?

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