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This is the Git repository that I have at the moment, which is on GitHub here:


I'm looking at customising Cloudhead's toto rails backend within this project.

The methodology I can think of for this would be to fork the project, but put it within a branch of my noto repository:


The reason I want to do this is because for this repo, each branch is a different method of me trying to get a working backend for a blog. The reason I want branches and not different repositories for each attempt is to keep everything contained and neat.

So... is there any way to do this without downloading Cloudhead's repo, unzipping it to the working directory and committing it? Googling it hasn't helped, but that could easily be because I'm searching the wrong commands (mainly fork, branch/checkout and clone)

Questions to clarify are most welcome!


2012-07-03 @ 1053 AEST

Bonus points if I can still make pull requests for bug fixes or updates. Though, this sounds a little pointless, given I'm customising and not patching, as forks are intended?

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you can add a remote name Cloudhead.

use this

git remote add cloudhead

then you can pull using the command:

git pull cloudhead master
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And of course this to create your editable branch git checkout -b toto cloudhead/master – michelpm Jul 3 '12 at 1:36
Exactly. I think that's all he need. – Jeff Robert Dagala Jul 3 '12 at 1:38

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