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I know with normal migrations I could do rename_table but in mongoid I'm not at all sure how to proceed.

I've got all my models/relations/routes/controllers/etc all renamed but I just need to know how to move the data itself.

This is an embedded embeds_one document btw.


Looks like simply doing:

Model.all.each {|m| m.rename :old_embedded_association_name, :new_embedded_association_name }

Works. Sound sane?

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Based on what you said and the documentation it seems you should do it this way

Model.rename(:old_name, :new_name)
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For renaming embedded docs, you treat them just like you would an attribute and rename them using something like this:

ParentModel.all.each {|m| m.rename :old_embedded_association_name, :new_embedded_association_name }

For renaming top level models, you need to access the ruby driver itself and use the #rename_collection method:

Mongoid.database.rename_collection "old_collection_name", "new_collection_name"

To see the old collection name you can do something like this:

Mongoid.database.collections.map {|c| c.name}

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NoMethodError: undefined method `database' for Mongoid:Module –  Hackeron Feb 6 '14 at 20:58

There are a few ways to rename a collection. I like to do it via Moped (https://github.com/mongoid/moped/blob/master/lib/moped/collection.rb#L55).


This is also a handy for finding the collection name.


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