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I am currently developing application. This is my web application which is binded with and wsgi.


import web
import sys
import imp
import os


#from module import module
from exam import exam
urls = (
    '/exam', 'exam'

application = web.application(urls, globals(), autoreload = True).wsgifunc()

My application has an abstract class called module in in root directory and its purpose is to be inherited by modules.


class module:
    def fetchURL(self, url):
        # ...
        return content

The lower level module called "exam" would inherits module


from module import module

class exam(module):
    def getResults(self):
        # error occurs here

When I call the parent method, raises an exception

WalkerError: ('unexpected node type', 339)

Environment: Python 2.5

How can I resolve the problem? Thanks

// EDIT 03 July 10:22 GMT+0

The stack trace is as follows

 mod_wsgi (pid=1028): Exception occurred processing WSGI script 'D:/py/labs_library/'.
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "D:\csvn\Python25\lib\site-packages\web\", line 277, in wsgi
     result = self.handle_with_processors()
   File "D:\csvn\Python25\lib\site-packages\web\", line 247, in handle_with_processors
     return process(self.processors)
   File "D:\csvn\Python25\lib\site-packages\web\", line 244, in process
     raise self.internalerror()
   File "D:\csvn\Python25\lib\site-packages\web\", line 467, in internalerror
     return debugerror.debugerror()
   File "D:\csvn\Python25\lib\site-packages\web\", line 305, in debugerror
     return web._InternalError(djangoerror())
   File "D:\csvn\Python25\lib\site-packages\web\", line 290, in djangoerror
     djangoerror_r = Template(djangoerror_t, filename=__file__, filter=websafe)
   File "D:\csvn\Python25\lib\site-packages\web\", line 845, in __init__
     code = self.compile_template(text, filename)
   File "D:\csvn\Python25\lib\site-packages\web\", line 924, in compile_template
     ast = compiler.parse(code)
   File "D:\csvn\Python25\lib\compiler\", line 51, in parse
     return Transformer().parsesuite(buf)
   File "D:\csvn\Python25\lib\compiler\", line 128, in parsesuite
     return self.transform(parser.suite(text))
   File "D:\csvn\Python25\lib\compiler\", line 124, in transform
     return self.compile_node(tree)
   File "D:\csvn\Python25\lib\compiler\", line 167, in compile_node
     raise WalkerError, ('unexpected node type', n)
 WalkerError: ('unexpected node type', 339)

If it is possible I would like to turn off the template functionality as I use python only for JSON output for mobile app.

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that error seems to come from compiler.transformer. Maybe you have a problem whit your templates? Where exactly is the exception raised, and a more complete stacktrace would be useful. – mata Jul 3 '12 at 6:38
@mata It is raised when I call the parent function, which is defined in other python script. I have also posted the stack trace – Ryan Yuen Jul 3 '12 at 10:24

if you create python module you should add in top of your hierarchy:


it means that in every directory which will be imported via from ... import ... should have file.

further info available:

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I have created an for each packages. The problem is still here. More info: in, I imported smtplib import smtplib and this also raises "WalkerError: ('unexpected node type', 339)". The stack trace is completely the same as my question – Ryan Yuen Jul 3 '12 at 11:10
Could you provide your sys path? – Zagorulkin Dmitry Jul 3 '12 at 11:49
['C:\\Windows\\system32\\', 'D:\\csvn\\Python25\\DLLs', 'D:\\csvn\\Python25\\lib', 'D:\\csvn\\Python25\\lib\\plat-win', 'D:\\csvn\\Python25\\lib\\lib-tk', 'C:\\Program Files\\Apache Software Foundation\\Apache2.2\\bin', 'D:\\csvn\\Python25', 'D:\\csvn\\Python25\\lib\\site-packages', 'D:\\csvn\\Python25\\lib\\site-packages\\win32', 'D:\\csvn\\Python25\\lib\\site-packages\\win32\\lib', 'D:\\csvn\\Python25\\lib\\site-packages\\Pythonwin', 'D:/py/labs_library', 'D:/py/labs_library\\search'] This is my sys.path. Thank you very much – Ryan Yuen Jul 4 '12 at 2:28
and Federico Frenguelli answers from:… – Zagorulkin Dmitry Jul 5 '12 at 6:34

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