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i am using a CakePHP form Creator

echo $form->input($r['Attribute']['label'], array('id'=>$r['Attribute']['id'],'name'=>$r['Attribute']['label'],'type'=>'text','style' => 'width:30px'));

echo $form->input($r['Attribute']['label'], array('label'=>false,'div' => false,'id'=>$r['Attribute']['id'].'-','name'=>$r['Attribute']['label'],'type'=>'text','style' => 'width:30px'));

which creates a Input Box and the generated Html is like

 <div class="input text">
   <label for="6">Mobile Number</label>
   <input type="text" value="" style="width: 30px;" id="6" name="Mobile Number"/>
<input type="text" value="" style="width: 30px;" id="6-" name="Mobile Number"/>

But i need this second input Text Box to appear inside the above Div ..Please suggest me.

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<div class="input text">
    echo $form->input($r['Attribute']['label'], array('id'=>$r['Attribute']['id'],'name'=>$r['Attribute']['label'],'type'=>'text','style' => 'width:30px', 'div' => false));
    echo $form->input($r['Attribute']['label'], array('label'=>false,'div' => false,'id'=>$r['Attribute']['id'].'-','name'=>$r['Attribute']['label'],'type'=>'text','style' => 'width:30px'));

Note that I've added 'div' => false to the first input too.

But wouldn't this give you two inputs with the same name?

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I have created like what you said how can i retrive its full value?I am retrieving the values in my Cakephp controller using $_POST – Mercy Jul 16 '09 at 4:00
Mercy, if you're using $_POST you didn't even read the basic cake tutorial. You're supposed to use $this->data. At least go through the basic blog tutorial ( before coding a real app. – dr Hannibal Lecter Jul 16 '09 at 5:19
foreach ($_POST as $key => $value): if(is_array($value)){ $value = implode('', $_POST[$key]); $this->data['Result']['value']=$value; }else{ $this->data['Result']['value']=$value; } $this->data['Result']['form_id']=$formid; $this->data['Result']['label']=Inflector::humanize($key); $this->Form->submitForm($this->data); endforeach; I have used the above and got it. – Mercy Jul 16 '09 at 6:33

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