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I am trying to add an attirubute to objects that i created.Here i created bird display objects but i want to add those birds a spesific attiribute like typeOfBird and then i want to reach those attiributes like bird.typeOfBird . How can i do that?


  function new(params)
  local bird=display.newImage(params.img,params.x,params.y)

  function bird:touch(event)
local t = event.target
local phase = event.phase

if "began" == phase then
    -- Make target the top-most object
    local parent = t.parent
    parent:insert( t )
    display.getCurrentStage():setFocus( t )

    t.isFocus = true
elseif t.isFocus then
    if "moved" == phase then
        t.x = event.x
        t.y = event.y 
    elseif "ended" == phase or "cancelled" == phase then
        display.getCurrentStage():setFocus( nil )
        t.isFocus = false

 return true
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It looks like bird objects are already simple lua tables, so you can just get and set the values as normal. So for example you could add lines like:

if self.typeOfBird == "gull" then ... end


self.typeOfBird = "parrot"

to your bird:touch function.


bird.typeOfBird = "gull"

in your new function.

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