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<h:panelGrid columns="4">
<f:facet name="header">
 <h:outputText value="Customer   Information"/>

<h:outputLabel value="Title" /><h:outputText  value="#{addProductBean.title}"/>

<h:outputLabel style="width: 80px" value="Date of Birth" />
<h:outputText   id="dateofbirth" value="#{addProductBean.dateOfBirth}" size="10"  maxlength="100"/>

<h:outputLabel value="First Name" /><h:outputText id="firstname" value="#  {addProductBean.firstName}" size="10" maxlength="100"/>

<h:outputLabel value="Gender" /><h:outputText id="gender" value="#{addProductBean.gender}" size="10" maxlength="100"/>

<h:outputLabel value="Last Name" /><h:outputText id="lastname" value="#{addProductBean.lastName}" size="10" maxlength="100"/>


In the above I want a space between title dateofbirth and in similar other fields is that possible.

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you can use columnClasses to define style for each column

<h:panelGrid columns="4" columnClasses="a,b,c,d">

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