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Is there a way to convert a .wsq fingerprint image file to a bitmap image (bmp) file?

sample .wsq fingerprint image file is here


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I once had to use a utility called iwsq to extract bitmap from a wsq file. Unfortunately, it was binary only, the source was unknown, and there was no source code.

Searching for iwsq brought up this archive that you'd call as executable directly from c#.

There is also the FFPIS project on SourceForge. It has not been updated since 2004, but the links may provide more code.

WSQ Image Library is a WSQ-related SDK that comes with a price tag.

NIST also provides some download material and source code.

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You can use JNBIS for Java or Wsq2Bmp for .NET

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And I provide a .NET wrapper (encoding/deconding, Windows Forms and Wpf images) around the NBIS implementation here: https://github.com/odalet/Delta.Imaging/tree/master/Delta.Wsq

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We have implemented this utility (converting .WSQ fingerprint file into .BMP) in Java and made it available as a web service. You are free to use it: http://leversystems.com/products/fiss/. Sample code on how to use this service is also available in C# and Java.

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Lakota Software Solutions has WSQParse, which is the only pure Java NIST and FBI certified algorithm (see https://www.fbibiospecs.org/WSQ/Implementations/Default.aspx) to encode and decode WSQ images. It is also the fastest algorithm that I have tested. Much faster than the native C versions, such as Aware's WSQ1000 and NIST NBIS WSQ. Their library interfaces directly with ImageIO which makes it very easy to transform to and from WSQ to any other image formats. Also works very well on Android. You can download a free evaluation of their NistParse software, which comes with WSQParse at http://www.lakotasoftware.com/products.

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