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I've a Mobile device client to Sharepoint 2010 site . I want to implement resumable download on Mobile device through out of box sp webservices.

Is there any way it can be done using OOB web services or do i need to write a customised SP web service by implementing IHttpHandler interface as i know HTTP supports Accept-Range ,eTag header .

If it possible using OOB web service ,How it can be achieved ...


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Any reply on this ....please share your thoughts ... – SPLearner Jul 4 '12 at 7:19

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Resumable download is only possible if server supports HTTP Range Request. You may also try Disk Based Caching for the BLOB object of sharepoint.

Please refer to this post

SharePoint 2010 / IIS 7.5 Byte-Range Request Responds With Entire File

If you are able to do this please post it here also. I am also looking for a solution of this.

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