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I am using devexpress gridview and I want to edit invisible column.

Here is a part of my gridview;

<dx:GridViewDataComboBoxColumn FieldName="COSTCENTERID" Visible="False"

As you can see visible property is set to False so it doesn't appear on the form. I tried to add DataItemTemplate and EditTemplate tags but it didn't work.


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Setting the EditFormSettings Visible to True should solve your problem

<EditFormSettings Visible="True" />

Look also at this sample

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I was agreed with you until I tried. <EditFormSettings Visible="True" /> tag only shows field name but I can't set any value into field. In my case COSTCENTERID references another table so I set its value from combobox. If I add <EditFormSettings Visible="True" / > only COSTCENTERID text appears on form, combobox still unvisible –  Osman K. Jul 3 '12 at 9:03
Then you should explain better what you can't do in your question. So we can understand exaclty what is your problem –  Iridio Jul 3 '12 at 9:54

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