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I have a Player with a CharacterCollider & Coins with box collider. When my player collides with coin, then i m disabling coin in OnControllerCollideHit() with = false (where hit = coin gameObject).

But still i m getting some back force or a kind of jerk when i collide with coin.

How can i remove that jerk or force on player collision with any coin box collider.?

I did a lot of research on Google & some forums, but can't find related to this issue.

Any Code will be appreciated.


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I resolved this issue with a trick.

I added an empty child GameObject with Box collider & Rigidbody in my Player GameObject & increase the collider area that cover my player collider.

This will make me to react before i collide with player collider. And i m handling Coin collision & other collision with empty GameObject collider.

I think this solution might probably help other people on Here. Gud Luck.

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Nice, you should accept your own answer. –  Kay Jul 4 '12 at 13:00

If you Don't use Trigger, I suggest check on trigger on Box collider in your Player Object. then OnTriggerEnter function will called when collide with coin.

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