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I've created an extremely simple UDF on Windows that exports the function set_named_event, I can check the DLL to see the exported symbol(s) (_init + _deinit also), and I do (using MySQL Server 5.5 Community Edition):

USE `test`;
DROP FUNCTION set_named_event;
CREATE FUNCTION set_named_event RETURNS INTEGER SONAME "udf_set_named_event.dll";

which gives me no errors, however when I do:

SELECT set_named_event('eventName');

I get the infamous:

Query: SELECT set_named_event('eventName')

Error Code: 1305
FUNCTION test.set_named_event does not exist

Execution Time : 0 sec
Transfer Time  : 0 sec
Total Time     : 0.003 sec

Ideas ?? Can it be that the CE of the server doesn't support UDFs ??

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I presume set_named_event <> set_named_function is just a typo in your question? Where have you placed the DLL (it should be in plugin_dir)? –  eggyal Jul 3 '12 at 10:14
@eggyal: Yes, it's a typo, I'll change it. And yes, the DLL is placed in the folder defined by plugin_dir. –  Robert Aug 13 '12 at 9:44

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