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I'm trying to implement Stripe payments in my rails app. I'm pretty much following the tutorial in the railscasts and just customizing it, but I seem to be getting stuck with mass assignment errors related to the stripe_card_token. Any ideas why this is happening?

Here's a bunch of my code http://pastie.org/4191557

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Which errors are you talking about? I've pasted the logged ones in the pastie –  sacshu Jul 3 '12 at 16:20

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In your Stripe_token migration, field name is :stripe_customer_token and you have written :stripe_card_token

Generally, Cannot mass-assign' means you cannot assign a value automatically like this: @idea.pledges.create(params[:pledge])

Either use attr_accessible :stripe_customer_token


Directly assign value

@idea.pledges.stripe_customer_token = params[:pledge][:stripe_customer_token]

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Yeah although in the tutorials it looks like the stripe_card_token is temporary, so its supposed to get converted into the stripe_customer_token and stored for later use. I'll try to directly assign the value, but would that be insecure? –  sacshu Jul 3 '12 at 16:39

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