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i'm pretty new to nHibernate and am trying to create what I thought should be a relatively simple mapping, using XML not fluent nHibernate, as follows:

In my database:

User Table

  [Id] int IDENTITY(1,1)
, [Username] varchar(250) NOT NULL

.. etc

Organisation Table

  [Id] int IDENTITY(1,1)
, [Name] varchar(500) NOT NULL
, [MainContactId] int NOT NULL
, [Sector] nvarchar(1000) NULL

MainContactId references a user in the User table.

In my object model I have a User class and an Organisation class, and all i want is to have a property on the Organisation class as follows:

public class Organisation
  public User MainContact { get; set; }

I do NOT want to have a collection on the User class that references the Organisation, as every article I have read seems so far has - surely this must be possible and straightforward?

Thanks in advance,


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You need many-to-one mapping for that.

<class name="Organisation" table="Organisation">
    <!-- ... -->
    <many-to-one name="MainContact" column="MainContactId" />
    <!-- ... -->

Ayende has a good post about many-to-one mapping: NHibernate Mapping - <many-to-one />.

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Thanks! I feel like an idiot after all of the combinations I've tried! Much appreciated though :) –  Jamie Pollard Jul 3 '12 at 8:18

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