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Is there a value defined by Paypal for 'cmd' parameter (which is used to verify the IPN response by sending cmd=_notify-validate along with the received values) just to cancel the payment? Something like cmd=_notify-ignore?

The reason I need this is, I am maintaining a configuration file (I am working with PHP) and I can set "Allow_Payments" value to "Yes" or "No". So enabling and disabling payments in Paypal time to time is sort of a messy solution. And the other issue is my "Buy Now" buttons are placed over different sites but all of them uses the same IPN Listener. That is why I am looking for a solution which I can use inside the IPN Listener. That is why I thought 'cmd' parameter will be helpful in this scenario.

Thank you in advance.

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For your server (the shop) to inform PayPal about the quantity and price of the product(s) that have been bought, your server typically sends back a HTTP redirect to the customer's browser. This causes the customer's browser to be redirected to PayPal where payment takes place.

A vulnerability lies in this redirect. If the shopper has control of their browser, they can intercept this redirect and set the price of the product(s) to 0$.

The ONLY opportunity you REALLY have to accurately check that this hasn't happened is at the IPN stage. If you detect that something unexpected has happened to the price/quantity, you'd have to cancel the transaction at that point (post payment).

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I believe you have the wrong idea for the IPN.

The PayPal IPN is simply a listener or handler. Your IPN will be triggered after a successful payment has taken place.

I think it would be wrong to implement a cancel command fired from your IPN, as this will cancel payment after it is received- and is annoying for a user who has just made this payment.

A better alternative is to use a catch-all processing page before a PayPal payment page. All buy now buttons would direct to this document hosted on the same domain as your IPN (Creating a checkout style flow). Payment data would need be validated to prevent fraud (such as payment amount & business_email), then your "Allow_Payments" flag will be checked. If payments are allowed and we have valid payment data, proceed to PayPal payment. This way, your users will be stopped before they make a payment and there is no hassle to cancel or refund.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I think your suggestion is more appropriate than mine. But just for knowledge, is there a way that I can inform Paypal through the cmd parameter that I want to cancel the payment? –  Niranga Jul 3 '12 at 15:47
I believe you can refund payments through the API. Here is the documentation provided by PayPal: cms.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/… Sample usage: cms.paypal.com/cms_content/US/en_US/files/developer/… –  Mike GB Jul 3 '12 at 20:30
Thanks a lot @Mike –  Niranga Jul 5 '12 at 6:46

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