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Can you give me the wordKeys witch fixe a overlayPanel position, i have this exemple :

I want to fixe it in the midlle but i can't found the way

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your pice of code is missing –  rags Jul 3 '12 at 11:47

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This is how I understand it.
"my" is the overlay panel box.
"at" is the commandButton.

<p:commandButton id="chartBtn" type="button" />  
<p:overlayPanel id="chartPanel" for="chartBtn" my="right top" at="right bottom">  

So the above reads: "Connect the right top of the overlay panel with the right bottom of the command button"

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Your last sentence explains it perfectly. –  QueryLars Apr 24 at 8:08

Use the following attributes of overlayPanel:

for - Identifier of the target component to show the panel
my  - Position of the panel relative to the target (ex: my="left top")
at  - Position of the target relative to the panel (ex: at="left bottom")
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This doesn't work for me: <p:overlayPanel my="right bottom" at="right top" for=":showImage" hideEffect="fade" dynamic="true" widgetVar="carDialog"> <p:outputPanel id="pictureDetail"> <p:graphicImage value="#{graphicImageStore.streamedImageById}" rendered="#{graphicImageStore.hasImage(vmsVehicleActionBean.selected)}"> <f:param name="id" id="selected" value="#{vmsVehicleActionBean.selected}" /> </p:graphicImage> </p:outputPanel> </p:overlayPanel> –  jobe May 10 '13 at 13:34
@user1667910, initiate a new post –  rags May 13 '13 at 7:41

I think the documentation was false to describe how to use it. It was described to use something like 'top left'.

Try to use my="left top" at="left bottom" and it works fine!

Hope this can help you..

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