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Can someone please run through the steps that you need to follow to apply .patch files onto WSO2 ESB v4.0.3? I've tried the following:

  1. Upload .patch file to repository/components/patches and carbon_home/lib/patches

  2. Run wso2server.sh start -DapplyPatches

This command creates a dir called patch000 in the components/patches directory and fills it with plugins.

The patch I want to apply is https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TRANSPORTS-51

Many thanks

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You need to apply .patch file to the code base and create jar(s) out of it. Then Create a folder with the name of the patch (eg: patch001) and place the jar(s) inside and copy newly created patch folder (eg: patch001) to repository/components/patches. Now running the wso2server.sh -DapplyPatches will work.

when you execute -DapplyPatches, it takes a backup of the original content of the repository/components/plugins directory to repository/components/patches directory that's why you see patch000 folder (hence revert-back to a previous state is possible).

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I have to apply a patch to ESB-4.6.0. The source is available for download? And there's some tutorial explaining how to generate the jar? Thanks. – elias Mar 14 '14 at 14:03

From carbon 4.2.0 onwards you don't need to provide -DapplyPatches option in order to apply the patch. When a server started up it automatically detects and apply if there are new patches. This can be verified from the log file repository/logs/patches.log

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  1. Read the readme file.(not a must step, better if you do)

  2. Shutdown the server, if you have already started.

  3. Copy the wso2carbon-version.txt file to /bin.(not a must step,better if you do)

  4. Copy the patchNumber to /repository/components/patches/

  5. Restart the server with : Linux/Unix : sh wso2server.sh Windows : wso2server.bat

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Very good first point! Because there are patches that must be applied manually - described then in the readme file! – FiveO Jun 15 '15 at 12:21

As Sajith says, we have added -DapplyPatches as JVM parameter by default in wso2server.sh file.

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