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C++: Iterate through an enum

I have following enum in c++;

typedef enum
    APP_NONE = 0,
    APP_SESSION = 0x80000001,
    APP_TITLE = 2,

I am writing a test function, which accept a string, get related integer, such as: getEnumByString("APP_NONE") = 0; or vice verse getEnumString(0)="APP_NONE".

Is it possible and how to finish it?

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It is impossible after more investigation, since enum is just integer in runtime, no related string name information. –  David Guo Jul 4 '12 at 5:16

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You can push the enum values into a container, like a vector or a set, and iterate through that.

std::vector<APP_TYPE> types;

You can use a map to associate the enum values with a string and vice versa.

std::map<APP_TYPE, std::string> type2string;
type2string[APP_NONE] = "APP_NONE";
type2string[APP_SESSION] = "APP_SESSION";
type2string[APP_TITLE] = "APP_TITLE";
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