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I defined:

  • a mongoose schema (Type1) to save an object
  • 2 others that extends the first schema (Type2 and Type3) with other properties (content, and others...).

When I load an object Type1 saved as Type 2 from the database, I can access all properties except for one (The content property). But if I do an object.toString() the property does exist.

How is this possible?


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So, no code, no output of object.toString(), no nothing? And you expect somebody to help you blindly? –  lanzz Jul 3 '12 at 8:45
Doing object.toString() the string has all the properties loaded from database, but I have not access to the properties of Type2 or Type3. –  catacs Jul 3 '12 at 11:05
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Properties of mongoose objects are always the same as its schema. Loaded as a Type1 schema will have properties of Type1 schema.

The underlying data may be bigger (because of Schema inheritance or simply because someone stored more data directly in MongoDB), but you cannot access it from the level of Type1 using only properties. The method you can try using (didn't test it) is object.getValue('content');. Also, I think that object._doc holds the real data from DB.

One last thing: object.toString is actually overriden and it shows inspect of entire object. That's why you see the underlying data.

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