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im trying to connect to the router using my putty in a shell with this line of commands

putty.exe -ssh <IP> p 22 -l <USERNAME> -pw <PASSWORD> -m C:COMMAND.txt

every time i run, it says "line has invalid autocommmand"

what is the correct command that COMMAND.txt that can takes me to the router?

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Either you have missed out the dash before the p:

putty.exe -ssh <IP> -p 22 -l <USERNAME> -pw <PASSWORD> -m C:COMMAND.txt

Or (presuming that was a mistake in typing the command into StackOverflow) it may help us if you posted the contents of C:COMMAND.txt. Try also using the full path to that file, instead of specifying the drive but not the path.

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oh im sorry, that's p only putty.exe -ssh <IP> p 22 -l <USERNAME> -pw <PASSWORD> -m C:COMMAND.txt and the contents of command.txt is ssh <routername>. and now it says, connection to <routename> aborted: error status 27. what does it mean? –  Wilbert Santos Jul 4 '12 at 0:59

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