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I just tried to install a theme from Which name is "FancyMoves a jQuery Product Slider", but wordpress write me: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” How can i solve?

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That's because what you are trying to install isn't a Wordpress theme, it's a jQuery slider. To be honest I think you've got quite a lot of learning ahead of you, start by using plugins available in the Wordpress repo and then build up to incorporating custom jQuery into your theme.

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"FancyMoves a jQuery Product Slider" is not a theme! Its just a jQuery product slider.

Check the WordPress theme section for basic free themes.

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The same problem can occur if you're trying to upload a theme file from admin panel, which is zipped in .rar format. Wordpress doesn't seem to perform so well with .rar format.

I have experienced this, so thought it would be worth sharing.

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