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Is there an equivalent Matlab dot function in numpy?

The dot function in Matlab: For multidimensional arrays A and B, dot returns the scalar product along the first non-singleton dimension of A and B. A and B must have the same size.

In numpy the following is similar but not equivalent:

dot (A.conj().T, B)
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What type are your A and B? Numpy arrays or numpy matrices? –  Colonel Panic Jul 3 '12 at 9:39

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In MATLAB, dot(A,B) of two matrices A and B of same size is simply:


Equivalent Python/Numpy:

np.sum(A.conj()*B, axis=0)
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Check these cheatsheets.

Numpy contains both an array class and a matrix class. The array class is intended to be a general-purpose n-dimensional array for many kinds of numerical computing, while matrix is intended to facilitate linear algebra computations specifically. In practice there are only a handful of key differences between the two.

Operator *, dot(), and multiply():
For array, * means element-wise multiplication, and the dot() function is used for matrix multiplication.
For matrix, * means matrix multiplication, and the multiply() function is used for element-wise multiplication.

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